What's Happening in 2004?

It's March 2004 - where did the winter go! - and rowing season is drawing near once again. The Royrr has been stripped, sanded has had several coats of paint, but there's quite a lot of work to be done yet. Anybody willing to help is asked to get in touch with Magnie or Nicola or simply drop along Braefield when you have a spare moment or two. Thanks to all who have helped out so far.

As some of you may have already heard, the club is to build a new yoal. The yoal will again be built by Ian Best, however, the design will be less like the Ringansay and Royrr and more like the Yell yoal, the Yala. Ian has been and looked at the Yala and taken a lot of measurements. This new yoal will be built in accordance with the revised yoal building rules and will be the first to use the new templates. It is hoped that we will be entitled to some grant aid but the club will also have to put forward some of its own funds towards this project.

In the interests of keeping the sport as safe as possible, the club is replacing all the existing manual inflation lifejackets with new auto-inflation lifejackets. The existing auto-inflation jackets have been sent south to be checked and gas bottles, etc to be replaced as necessary.
With all these new purchases, it will be doubly important for all club members to pay their subscription fees on time. The date and venue for the 2004 AGM has been set as Sunday 18th April at 3.30pm in the Bigton Hall. A full attendance is requested for this meeting and fees will be payable at this time!

The regatta dates for the new season are as follows:

Saturday 29th May - North

Saturday 5th June - Burra
Saturday 12th June - Whiteness
Friday 25th June - Vidlin

Saturday 3rd July - Unst
Wednesday 7th July - Brae to Aith
Friday 9th July - Aith

Friday 13th August - Interclub at Lerwick
Saturday 21st August - Ness
Sunday 22nd August - Lerwick
Saturday 28th August - Yell (Championships)

The Prizegiving Ceremony will be at Trondra on Saturday 4th of September.

Looking forward to catching up with you all again!


Update! The AGM was a great success with an excellent attendance. A brief summary will be posted shortly. The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 2nd of June for all those interested in taking part, either competitively or just for fun, in the 7 mile Brae to Aith race. Further details will be posted nearer to that time.
Practice times have been allocated. Click here for details.

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