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Shetland Yoal Rowing Association Constitution

SYRA Constitution - General Information
SYRA Constitution - Racing Rules
SYRA Constitution - Racing Rules AMENDED 09/2015
SYRA Constitution - Building Rules
SYRA Constitution - Complaints Procedure

Recent Changes to SYRA Constitution. Amendment Date: 15th April 2012.
Changes to SYRA Constitution, Appendix 1: Racing rules to include Round Trondra and Brae to Aith as league points scoring events.

Further changes and clarification to SYRA Constitution. Amendment Date: 28th April 2013.
1. All points for the Interclub, Round Trondra and Brae to Aith should go to the overall points of clubs and not to individual categories.
2. The word 'Championships' will be removed from the first paragraph of Appendix 1: Racing Rules.
3. Only one point scoring vessel per club will be allowed.
4. Point scoring races must be entry free. This applies to the Interclub event, for which the Interclub organisers will not charge, and will award the trophy, but take no responsibility for organisation or support.
5. There will be 6 point scoring regattas per season, with the option of making the Championships point scoring in the event of cancellations or other shortfall.

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