Practices 2017

Royrr is at Rerwick, Havera to go to Ireland once the ramp has been cleared.

The lifejackets for Havera will be in Nicola's shed at the top of the road (near Ruth's). Those for Royrr are at John and Caroline's (top of Rerwick beach road)

Lifejackets for smaller children (under 50kg, 34" chest and /or 5ft tall approx) are available. Please return Havera lifejackets to Nicola's shed and hang up. Please try and keep lifejackets clean, dry and tidy. Please deliver any faulty/inflated jackets to Nicola's house. Do not leave in the shed.

Note: Havera will be the yoal used at all regattas and races. If you wish to race Royrr, please arrange your own haulage.

Team Reps and Practice Times for 2017 - BEING UPDATED! .... BEING UPDATED! ... BEING UPDATED! ... NKS 9/5/17

Email and mobile details, for persons listed below, are available on the contact page.
Open Men          - Please contact us
Open Ladies        Sunday 7pm and Wednesday 7pm. Team rep - Claire Adamson.
Veteran Men        Monday 7pm and Thursday 8pm. Team rep - Robbie Simpson
Veteran Ladies     Monday 6pm and Thursday 7pm. Team rep Jane McDiarmid
Under 16 Girls     - Please contact us, or contact youth team rep - Katie Leask
Under 16 Boys     - Please contact us, or contact youth team rep - Katie Leask
Under 21 Girls     - Please contact us
Under 21 Boys     - Please contact us
Under 12 (mixed)- Sunday 5.30pm

Please notify Nicola (see Contact page) if you make any permanent changes to this schedule. This is so that the website can be updated.

As always, practices are weather dependent, so keep in touch with your team rep.

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