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Each regatta is split into 9 races:  Veteran Men (veterans being those aged 40 or over), Veteran Ladies, Open Men (any age), Open Ladies, Under 16 Boys, Under 16 Girls, Under 21 Boys and Under 21 Girls. There is also a Hat Race, where teams pick a yoal out of a hat and race in that boat.

The Race

Races normally take place over one nautical mile. Starting at a given point offshore and rowing into the pier where the competing crews are cheered home, regardless of their final position.

Go Bigton!

2003 Season Rowing Dates

Collafirth - Saturday 31st May, Bigton - Saturday 7th June, Sandwick - Saturday 28th June, Brae - Friday 4th July, Scalloway - Saturday 12th July, Reawick - Friday 25th July,
Brae to Aith (7 mile race) - Wednesday 6th August, Aith (Championships) - Friday 8th August and International Rowing Festival on the Saturday, Bressay - Saturday 16th August, Whalsay - Saturday 23rd August.
Whiteness and Weisdale will host the end of season dance.


Many congratulations to the three teams who competed in the Nort Regatta in atrocious sea conditions.
Special congratulations to wir Veteran Men who came second but walked off with maximum points as they could not be awarded to the winning Burra team due to their use of non-regulation oar fixings. The Open men's competion resulted in a commendable 5th place and the Open Ladies 8th.


See regatta page (Bigton Regatta)


The Sandwick regatta day was dry and bright but with a brisk north westerly wind making rowing conditions slightly less than perfect.
Our new Under 16 lasses team was the first to go. This was their first race and they all performed splendidly. Well done!
The Veteran women raced next, coming in fourth. This was followed by the Veteran men's race. A good race once again with Bigton coming in only 5 seconds behind the winning team, Aith. As is usual, the Women's race had the greatest number of entries, eleven in all. Bigton placed 7th, with only 5 seconds separating 5th to 9th place.
The Men's race was also hotly contended with 10 boats competing and the 2nd through 5th yoals crossing the line within 9 seconds of each other. The Bigton lads did well, coming in fifth. Special mention must be made here of the Burra boat, which took to the water in the Open Men's race with a mixed crew of Burra, Aith and Bigton veteran men (apologies if I have that wrong and you weren't all veteran!) and finished 7th. Well done - keep on rowing!
Full results can be seen


Friday evening and here we are, all together again. Unfortunately, I couldn't make it to the start of the regatta and had to leave before the final presentation, so results here are quite sketchy. I will endeavour to get full results from Brae ASAP. However, upon arriving at the Delting Boating Club, I was delighted to be told, by a very excited group of our young lasses, that they had come third in their race. Congratulations to you all!
The next race with a Bigton crew was the Open Men's race. Racing in calm conditions, our lads crossed the finish line in the middle of the pack and placing fifth. The Open Ladies race was next, with Sue Peaker rowing in her very first race! Finishing mid-field, an improvement on our place at the Sandwick regatta, 6th place.
The Veteran Men, once again, decided that they we going to show the 'young 'eens' how it's done! Leading from the start and for most of the race, they crossed the line in second place having only been overtaken by Aith during the last few hundred yards. Bad Luck! Competition for the End-of Year trophy is really hotting up now with Bigton and Aith vying for first place. Bigton now has 2 firsts and 2 seconds, and Aith 2 firsts, a second and a third!
The final race of the day for the Royrr was the Veteran Ladies - and their faces said it all! 5th place and not a very happy crew! But a couple of gins made it all better ...
The next regatta will be at Scalloway on Saturday 12th July. See you there.

Scalloway Regatta

Another fine day for a regatta which got off to a grand start with the Under 16 Boys. Next up was the Under 16 Lasses with our youngest rowers putting up a good fight, finishing fourth with only 11 seconds separating 2nd, 3rd and 4th places. The next Bigton crew to take to the water was the veteran men. Leading most of the way, and with two awful fine Burra men in the boat, (you suit the Bigton colours Brian!) they were just pipped at the finish line by Aith, who managed to pass between the buoys less than 3 seconds ahead. The race is now well and truely on for the end of year trophy!
The men were up next, one man down but again helped out by a willing volunteer. 6th place but a very good time. The Open Ladies race followed, with Ruth Christie competing for the first time. Another 6th place, only 0.5 seconds behind Unst!! The last race of the day was the Veteran Women but, sadly, our ladies were unable to compete this time. A hat race had been planned but there were no takers aside from ourselves and Whiteness and Weisdale - pity. An unusual end to a fine day's rowing however was the Gala Procession - Vikings, Drag Queens, Smurffs ... great fun! Full results for this regatta can be viewed by clicking

Reawick Regatta

After a day of heavy showers and the wind whipping up the white horses, the weather decided to take a turn for the better and conditions quickly improved. A beautiful new marina, with ample berths for the all the yoals and the usual warm Reawick hospitality, made for a fine evening. The Under 16 Lasses had a good race, finishing third and securing Bigton's place amongst the prize winners early on in the night. Their success was followed by the Veteran Men who reinstated their claim on first place under the 'guidance' of Jim Budge - master cox! Well done lads, keep it up!The 'auld 'eens' do it again!.
A mixed crew took to the water for the Open Ladies race, with three veterans stepping in to cover for all those on holiday (imagine having holidays in the middle of the rowing season!). Another sixth place for the Ladies.
Finally, the Open Men's race, close fought with our men missing out on 3rd place by only 2 seconds. A good evening's rowing and, I hear, a very good party afterwards!
There are more photos on the gallery page and full results for this regatta can be viewed by clicking
here. Next race is the long one - Brae to Aith, BIG blister time!

Aith International Rowing Festival

Click here for Festival details.

Bressay Regatta

Rowing the yoal over on the Saturday night in flat calm conditions, followed by a drink or two in the Maryfield, made for a perfect start to a weekend's rowing. The return journey on the 10:30pm ferry with the lights of Lerwick reflected in the still waters gave you that warm, fuzzy, holiday feeling ... or was that just the drink? (Not that the author would know!) And then there was Sunday...
A strong southeasterly wind made racing a tough business. Into the wind, fighting lumps of water and, at times, a strong tide. Sadly, Bigton had no young lasses or veteran women but the ladies, men and veteran men all performed very well. The veteran men chose to take out Yell yoal, the Yala, to see how she performed. Would they have faired better in the Royrr? We'll never know. A second place for them in this boat means that they MUST win at Whalsay to have a chance at the end of year trophy. The pressure is ON!
Full results for the Bressay regatta can be viewed by clicking

Whalsay Regatta

And so it has arrived - the final regatta! Not only the last race meet of the season, but the final chance for our veteran men to secure those vital first place points and with it, the end-of-season trophy. Two teams, Aith and Bigton, on 167 points each ....

But it wasn't to be.... Aith was victorious, by only one second. ONE SECOND!
Congratulations to them and many congratulations to our own veteran men for a very well deserved second place and also, many thanks to them for making this season the most exciting of them all!
The only other Bigton teams to compete in this regatta were the Under 16 lasses, who came 5th in a very hotly contested race, and the Women whose team-of-the-day consisted of 2 'ladies', 3 veteran ladies and an under 16 - thanks for stepping in Alison, you rowed great!
So, for the last time this year, full results for this regatta can be viewed by clicking
hereLast race of the season! Final league table results and proposed regatta dates for 2004 can be accessed from here. Roll on 2004!

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