Bigton Regatta 2009

The BIG event ....!

The next Bigton Regatta will take place on Saturday 18th July 2009. Day time activities will include a BBQ, soup and sandwiches, sweeties, beer tent, sand-castle competition, tug o' war, beach volleyball (bikini's optional!) and more. All this in addition to the rowing programme. At night we'll be having live music in the beer tent, (entry fees to be arranged) and a beach bonfire. So bring your rowing gloves, bucket and spade, and dancing shoes for a fun-filled day and night on the beach.

Recycling Initiative: On regatta day glass bins will be provided. Please look out for the labelled bins.

Races will start at 3pm. Yoals in the water, for the first race, at 2.30pm please.


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Veteran Women
Veteran Men
Open Women
Open Men
Under 21 Women
Under 21 Men
Under 16 Lasses
Under 16 Boys

As in previous years, there will be a towing service for the yoals, available from the carpark. If you wish to use your own 4x4, please take direction from the stewards, drive slowly and keep a sharp eye out for children. 4x4's may park on the sand. All trailers will be left on the sand. Please be considerate and leave the lower carpark free for elderly and disabled users, and those with very young children. All cars please take direction from the parking stewards.

In the, hopefully, unlikely event of the rowing races being cancelled due to weather, the party will still carry on at the beach. So please join us.

The RACE DAY contact will be Marina. Telephone 01950 422310 ON REGATTA DAY ONLY. Please email if you have any questions at any other time, or contact a committee member. Details on the contact page.

Enjoy your day and good luck!

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