Results 2009

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Nort - click here

Nesting - click here

Round Trondra Race - click here

Brae to Aith Race - click here

Yell - click here

Bigton - click here

Reawick - click here

Trondra - click here

Interclub - no results submitted

Championships - click here

2009 League Table

Information about submitting results - if you have Microsoft Excel installed on your pc, it would be great if you would use the 'RESULTS TEMPLATE' provided. This will save me having to re-type the results, and therefore, reduce the likelihood of errors. To use, double click on the template link below, it should open in a new window. Complete, and then save to your pc, renaming the file to include the name of your regatta. Email the completed form to Nicola at If you do not have Excel, you may use any format you wish to submit your results, as long as the club names, positions, finish times and age group, etc, are clearly set out. Thank you.


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