Round Trondra Race
Friday 21st June 2019
Open Men Amended Results (see note below)
1st Burra 1hr 0min 5sec
2nd Vidlin 1hr 12min 47sec
3rd Bigton 1hr 2min 47sec
4th Nesting 1hr 3min 6sec
=5th Lerwick 1hr 3min 45sec
=5th Trondra 1hr 3min 45sec
NOTE: Bigton, Nesting, Tronda and Lerwick failed to go round the final (north) buoy after the Trondra bridge, so were each demoted a place. Vidlin was therefore advanced to second place. 
Open Women
1st Burra 1hr 04min 22sec
2nd Lerwick 1hr 12min 32sec
3rd Vidlin 1hr 13min 09sec
4th Bigton 1hr 14min 42sec
5th Trondra 1hr 17min 30sec
6th Nesting 1hr 21min 40sec